Denver CBS4 Features Eat Your Radio

Here is a summary of the DENVER (CBS4) story about EatYourRadio.  ― Most of us would probably squirm if someone walked up with a microphone and wanted to talk to us about our diet. But at a Denver elementary school, some young reporters are doing just that!

The project is called “Eat Your Radio.” KGNU radio in Boulder is working with area schools to make healthy eating the lead story.

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The radio supplies hand-held voice recorders and students get the scoop on good nutrition. Call ’em investigative food reporters.

At Ashley Elementary in Denver fifth graders are putting their classmates on the spot and on tape with tough questions about their eating habits.

“I think it’s really fun,” said student reporter Rock Yiul.

“It’s part of a first of its kind project by the Colorado Health Foundation and KGNU radio. The interviews are used in stories the kids help produce and the station airs.

“I think it’s more powerful when it comes from young people,” said Sarah Hughs, KGNU radio producer.

“There’s a classroom component too where kids talk about, sing about and even prepare healthy foods.

“I used to like candy, hot cheetos,” said student reporter Jose Cruz. “But now I’m eating corn, cucumbers, broccoli.”

“I gave my candy to the kids who came trick-or-treating to my house,” student reporter Maria Garcia said.

That’s commitment and the students share their healthy choices with classmates, too.

“I say be brave and eat new foods,” Garcia said.

“I think the world of food is a little bit broader for them,” said Hughs.

The Colorado Health Foundation is funding the “Eat Your Radio” project. It’ll be expanded to other elementary schools over the next couple years.

The foundation says obesity rates in Colorado are rising especially among children. The thinking with this project is kids listen to their peers so maybe they’ll try healthier foods if a classmate says it’s good.
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