Food for Thought – From Swansea


1. Antonio Ramirez Hi, my name is Antonio Ramirez! Good morning to you all! One thing we learned about healthy food is that some vegetables or fruits help at least one part of your body. For example, the carrot helps your eyes.

We also learned to look closely at the foods we eat because sometimes we don t know what our foods contain or even look like. 2. Carmen Espino Hello my name is Carmen Espino! I m here to encourage you to eat healthy foods. The truth is — I didn t eat a lot of healthy foods until I became part of the Eat Your Radio program. I learned that fruit is healthy. You may not think it s good until you taste it. And other foods are good too! You just need to try it and know it IS good for you! 3. Gabriel Urias Hello, I m Gabriel Urias! Here are a few ideas I have. l. Children should eat healthy food. 2. You should not eat junk food a lot. 3. Children should have healthy lives. 4. We can all learn how to make healthy food choices. Thanks for listening! 4. Jeaneth Valera Ruiz Hello kids Good morning! I m Jeaneth Valera Ruiz! One of the things I ve learned when I ve been with Miss Ellen is that food is an interesting object. For example, did you know an apple has a star in the middle? Did you know that a diced carrot is like an eye? Did you know that cabbage is like a brain? 5. Jose Almendarez Hi, I m Jose Almendarez! One of the things I have learned in this group is to eat healthy — and to not eat junk food. I ve also learned that many fruits and vegetables have shapes inside them that are very interesting. 6. Karla Sanchez Hello my name is Karla Sanchez! One of the things I learned is that we should look at our food. If we look at our food, we can see many interesting things. One day we looked at many fruits and vegetables and painted them. 7. Larae Kelly Hi My name is Larae Kelly! I have learned that even though you might not like something now, you might like it later on. You can always try new things! I learned that healthy food is very good for you because it helps you exercise, it helps you think better, and it helps you be the best you can be! And healthy food is very important because it helps our bodies grow and develop. 8. Lezly Rubio Hello. My name is Lezly Rubio! Sometimes when children and adults eat their fruits and vegetables they just gobble them up. So, the next time you eat, just stop and look at your food. What shape does it have? What color is it? What does it look like? If you don t like vegetables and you like junk food here is one thing you could do. You could make a smoothie out of healthy foods! 9. Viviana Olivas (Vivipet) Hi I m Viviana Olivas, AKA, Vivipet! One thing I ve learned in this program is that many fruits and veggies may look gross, but they actually taste really good! The most important thing I ve learned is to try new things. If you try new foods, you may find something you never knew before! 10. Yulissa Maria Apodaca Hello my name is Yulissa Maria Apodaca! I learned that you can make a healthy snack with fruit or veggies and you can make it look fun and even funny! For example, my mom wanted my little sister to eat healthier. So I took some fruit and made a little funny face of a bunny and gave it to her. She loved it!! And then when my mom came home she was really grateful that I had helped my little sister.