The Broccoli Campaign

Maxwell 5th Graders Nancy and Cynthia have volunteered to promote a  healthy vegetable — broccoli.  Nancy likes broccoli.  Cynthia hates it.  Can Nancy persuade Cynthia to try broccoli?

 Broccoli Survey – 5th Grade Cynthia sings about why she hates broccoli and Cynthia’s sister sings about why she likes broccoli.  Maxwell 3rd Graders complete a broccoli survey and share what they love, or what they hate about the vegetable.  LISTEN 
Broccoli Campaign Begins Ashley Elementary 5th graders help tell the story of how the Maxwell Elementary broccoli campaign began.  Nancy (picture on left) wants to find someone who hates broccoli, who she can persuade to eat broccoli someday.  Little does she knows that the biggest broccoli hater in the school is Cynthia!  LISTEN

Mutiny on the Broccoli Campaign  Nancy’s whole family likes broccoli.  Cynthia (picture on left) comes from a family where her parents don’t like broccoli, but they eat it anyway, and they make their kids eat it.  Guess why Cynthia says hates broccoli!  LISTEN

A broccoli, mustard and onion sandwich – a gift from Nancy made for Cynthia
A Broccoli Hater Tries Broccoli  Cynthia loves SOME vegetables.  She especially loves them when it’s her choice to eat them.  Her favorite is onions, and especially with mustard.  So Nancy suggests that Cynthia try a sandwich with mustard, onions . . . and broccoli!  LISTEN
   Broccoli Ambassadors Cynthia and Nancy dress up as broccoli and visit other classes at Maxwell to tell them about a special broccoli lunch.  Cynthia tells kids that it’s okay not to like broccoli – because there are other vegetables they might like.  But she gets a surprise about who likes broccoli!  LISTEN
 Broccoli Celebration Day  Cynthia and Nancy help Maxwell Elementary hand out broccoli recipe samples, and she finds a broccoli recipe she likes.  And Ashley 5th graders who are helping to tell the story also decide to try broccoli.  Can you guess what their favorite recipes are?  LISTEN

Cynthia tries a broccoli and mustard sandwich, made by her friend Nancy
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Thanks to KGNU’s Shelley Schlender for producing this story.  The Eat Your Radio Project is made possible through a generous grant from the Colorado Health Foundation.