Scratch Cooking at Randolph High

Watch Video (Use Quicktime Player) School Lunch – from Scratch I can’t wait to taste the food they’ll serve this year! – Bruce Randolph Senior High Student This summer, Denver Public Schools Food Services kicked off an exciting project they call Back To the Future With Scratch Cooking.

Cavities and Candy

  Ja’Kyra:  When Ms. Coburn was little, she ate so much candy all her teeth fell out, and she had to buy some teeth . . . Ismael:  It’s hard because I don’t want to leave candy! Listen (4 minutes) Watch YOU TUBE VIDEO

Dear Dr. Carrot

Watch with Quicktime Player) Ashley Students talk about Dr. Carrot . . . . . . and Dr. Carrot’s representative, Miss Max, talks with Ashley students, staff and teachers!

Invent a Salsa!

Ashley Elementary 5th grade class have fun with their teachers making salsa . . . and trying it, too! Recipe: Invent-a-Salsa: Tomato Salsa INGREDIENTS: 4 tomatoes cut into 2 pieces 1 Anaheim chili pepper cut into 4 pieces 1 bell pepper cut into 2 pieces 1 small red onion cut into 4 small pieces (1/12…