Letters to Dr Carrot

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Dr. Carrot is a great and powerful expert on nutrition and health.  We, personally, have never met Dr. Carrot.  But Dr. Carrot still helps Eat Your Radio.  This amazing health expert answers questions that students write and send in to Dr. Carrot.  Dr. Carrot answers the questions by sending written answers to the Eat Your Radio website.  And representatives of Dr. Carrot can come to classes, and share information about health.  Students can reach Dr. Carrot through our website, Eatyourradio.org.  OR, students can write letters to Dr. Carrot.  BUT BEFORE STUDENTS DO THIS, CHECK WITH Eat Your Radio and/or KGNU.  You see, Dr. Carrot travels far and wide to share information about health and nutrition.  So before students try to reach Dr. Carrot, we need to let this amazing expert on health know, and put it on the schedule to read their letters and/or email requests.