School announcements

photo by Ellen Mahoney



Listen to a morning announcement

If your school does morning announcements, you can add pride to students and make the announcements even better when student voices give the announcements, in their words, with student-created songs, all mixed together to sound great.  We’ve used these for announcements about everything from parent health classes to walk to school days and special healthy lunches.  Some schools have new equipment that makes these prerecorded announcements sound extra crisp.  For phone-based announcement systems, ask an adult to play the prerecorded announcement on a computer, and hold the “announcement telephone” headset close enough to get good sound as the announcement plays.


  1. Plan for something short – Maybe 30 – 90 seconds
    • As you record, you’ll get plenty of “rough draft” sound.  Don’t worry.  Later, you’ll simmer it down to the best parts for sharing.
  2. Write down the key information you’ll need to share.
    • WHEN is the event?
    • WHAT is the event?
    • WHERE is the event?
    • Make ways to make the story fun.
      • Make up songs
      • Tell what YOU like about the topic.
    • Use your computer editing programs to take the best parts then mix it all together
    • Share it! (on morning announcements, in the classroom of the students who made it, on CDs to take home, on the web)