Surveymonkey surveys


Listen to Broccoli Survey story (3 minutes)

Here is a survey about Broccoli, that was completed by students for The Broccoli Campaign.

Students report that surveymonkey surveys are often more fun that regular multiple choice tests.  That’s because, for regular tests, students often worry about the grade they’ll get.  Surveymonkey is just about opinions, and for Eatyourradio, it’s done without giving any grades.  You can get a free subscription to for a small survey, and you and the students can create it yourself and print it out for other students.  You can even post it to the web.  CHECK WITH YOUR SCHOOL before you post it.  Some schools have more full-featured surveymonkey subscriptions and can do more things with those, such as share graphs and analysis about the survey.  Some schools have rules about just how a survey should be done and be published, so check in advance.