Veggies vs Hot Cheetos

LISTEN (3 Minutes) ROCK – Go, go power Rangers!  Go, Go, Rock-a-Rock Rock.  My name is Rock.  I’m a fifth grader and it’s nice to be a fifth grader.  Very fun, too. MARIA – My name is Maria.  It’s really fun being a fifth grader, especially being in the Eat Your Radio Project. Veggies Veggies…

Cavities and Candy

  Ja’Kyra:  When Ms. Coburn was little, she ate so much candy all her teeth fell out, and she had to buy some teeth . . . Ismael:  It’s hard because I don’t want to leave candy! Listen (4 minutes) Watch YOU TUBE VIDEO

Dear Dr. Carrot

Watch with Quicktime Player) Ashley Students talk about Dr. Carrot . . . . . . and Dr. Carrot’s representative, Miss Max, talks with Ashley students, staff and teachers!

Call-in – Champions of school nutrition

  LISTEN (1 hour) Chef Ann Cooper, Boulder Valley Schools Director of Food Services, Max Young, Integrated Nutrition Education Program representative and spokesperson for Dr. Carrot, and Leo Lesch, Denver Public Schools Director of Food Services.   Also on air are Ashley Elementary School 5th grade teachers, Holli Coburn and Robby Herd, who conduct hands-on…

Kids Share Ideas for Healthier Foods

LISTEN (3 Minutes) KGNU has spent the last few months working on a special nutrition project with 5th graders at Ashley Elementary School in Denver.  Along the way, we’ve had a lot of conversations with these young people about eating healthy– and the CHALLENGES to eating healthy.

After School Snacks

LISTEN (5 minutes) This fall, KGNU is visiting with students at Ashley Elementary School in Denver.  It’s part of a larger, community health project. We want to know WHAT young people are eating– and if they are making healthy choices.   We gave a small group of 5th graders radio recorders– and they went out and asked…