Live Event


Sometimes, it’s best to record as something happens.  For instance, during a cooking class, or as students talk about Veggies vs Hot Cheetoes.  Here are some tips about that.

  1. Get permission from the person in charge  to record the event.
  2. If it’s super noisy, find a quieter spot.  For instance, if many people are talking VERY loud, find a corner of the room where people aren’t talking so loud.  If music or a movie is playing, move away from the speakers.  If you’re near a noisy mountain stream, move back to a quieter place, a little away from the stream.  If you’re near traffic that’s noisy, move a little bit back from the traffic.  And so on . . . and so on . . .
  3. If it’s still a little noisy, hold your microphone very close to the person you’re talking with
  4. If you’re taking pictures, get some pictures close up of people’s faces, and also get pictures of the whole event!
  5. If your friends are recording at this event as well, then GO TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE AND DIFFERENT PLACES at the event.  If you’re too close together, you’ll just get a jumble of the same sound, with the other person’s talk as part of it.  It’s better to record things AWAY from each other.
  6. After you get the live sound or video, you can go back and add in the narration and other details so that it all comes together as a story.  You can write scripts to do this, or prompt students to fill in the blanks.  But the live on-the-scene sound and pictures are a great way to start.