Training Manual

Eat Your Radio – You Can Do It! When you give a child a microphone, you open a world of new ways for children to learn and share great stories.  When kids tell stories about food and health, it helps people get more healthy.  KGNU’s award-winning Eat Your Radio project lets Colorado children do all that and more.  This toolkit shows you how.

Who – are students who do eatyourradio?  Whatstories can kids share? Where can students share stories? Whencan students do this project? Whydo this?

How – do you use a script . . . make a song . . . tell a great story . . . use a . . . microphone . . . camera . . . video camera . . . the website .  . sound editing software such as Adobe Audition .  . . video editing  software such as Final Cut Pro.  For a complete copy of the training manual, click here:

Here’s an EatYourRadioVideo where Ashley 5th grade students did the narration, they made up the songs, they did the translations into Spanish, and they participated in the classroom event about making hummus.  Except for their teacher, Mr. Zwick, all the voices and people in this story are students: