Denver Public Schools

Healthy Food at the Holiday Bazaar

Some stories don’t happen on paper or in a video.   They happen as a real-live event.  We’ve seen many times how Eat Your Radio students can make a difference in how schools choose to be healthy.  Here’s one story about that.   Once upon a time at a Denver public school, the “Family Days”…

The Broccoli Campaign

Maxwell 5th Graders Nancy and Cynthia have volunteered to promote a  healthy vegetable — broccoli.  Nancy likes broccoli.  Cynthia hates it.  Can Nancy persuade Cynthia to try broccoli?

Chicken Salad (W)rap

Ashley 5th Graders learn  to make a tasty and healthy Chicken Salad Rap, with their teachers Mr. Herd and Mr. Zwick.  They make a song about it, too! Recipe: My Pyramid Chicken Salad Wrap INGREDIENTS 1 – 2 lb. seedless grapes 1 – 2 lb. romaine lettuce, bagged 8 oz. plain yogurt 12 6 whole…