The Heart Attack Chronicles

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD FULL 55 MINUTE CALL IN SHOW     Listen Part 1:  The Heart Attack (LISTEN (30 MINUTES) He had just dropped his his daughter at school when he realized he was having a heart attack . . .  Our anonymous heart attack survivor, and Paramedic Chantel Benish tell what a 911 response is like. … Read more

Call-in show – Improving America’s food supply with Robyn Obrien and Chef Ann Cooper

LISTEN (1 Hour) KGNU News Director Maeve Conran talks with Robyn Obrien and the Renegade Lunch Lady, Chef Ann Cooper.  Robyn OBrien is the author of:  The Unhealthy Truth: One Mother’s Shocking Investigation into the Dangers of America’s Food Supply– and What Every Family Can Do to Protect Itself.  Chef Ann Cooper directs Boulder Valley Schools … Read more

Hot Lunch vs Sack Lunch

Three years ago, Boulder Valley Schools hired the world renowned “Renegade Lunch Lady” Chef Ann Cooper, to make school lunches among the healthiest in the nation.  They even surpass the new USDA guidelines.  They’re free of additives and made from scratch by acclaimed local chefs who want kids to really like  healthy food.  More students do choose the hot lunches now than they did three years ago, when school food was full of sugar and additives and other junk.  But 60% of students still prefer packed lunches, and some of those packed lunches hold a lot of junk.  How do students think we can make healthy food be  more popular?

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Call-in show – Colorado nutrition policy for children

LISTEN (1 Hour) KGNU Station Manager Sam Fuqua talks with three experts on Colorado’s Nutrition Policy for children. Katherine Moos, Child Nutrition Program Manager for Hunger Free Colorado, Anne Bennett, MPH, RD Director of Nutrition Services WIC Services – Women, Infants and Children Tri-County Health Department, Cody Belzley Vice President of Public Affairs, Colorado Children s Campaign

Call-In show -Taking food lessons home to the kitchen table

LISTEN (1 Hour) KGNU Station Manager Sam Fuqua talks about how to eat healthy, with Ashley Elementary Principal Ken Hulslander and Integrated Nutrition Education Outreach Coordinator Catia Chavez.  Catia Chavez explains the outreach programs provided to children (ideally in 1-hour lessons once a week for roughly 8 weeks per semester), and outreach programs for parents, such … Read more

Call-in Show – Superfoods

  How can parents and families help vegetables be healthy and fun? Here is a written transcript of a call-in show, for ideas from Denver Public Schools Superfoods Director Anne Wilson, and from KGNU fans who include 2nd grader Cassidy, Oakleigh Thorne from Thorne Ecological Institute and many more. Show hosted by Shelley Schlender.   … Read more

Call-in – Champions of school nutrition

  LISTEN (1 hour) Chef Ann Cooper, Boulder Valley Schools Director of Food Services, Max Young, Integrated Nutrition Education Program representative and spokesperson for Dr. Carrot, and Leo Lesch, Denver Public Schools Director of Food Services.   Also on air are Ashley Elementary School 5th grade teachers, Holli Coburn and Robby Herd, who conduct hands-on … Read more

Eat Your Greens – Call-in Show – Integrated Nutrition Education & Denver Urban Gardens

Listen (1 hour) Cathy Romanello of the Integrated Nutrition Program joins KGNU’s Maeve Conran in the studio and Denver Urban Garden’s Judy Elliot Eat Your Greens 6: Call-in Show Integrated Nutrition Education Program and Denver Urban Gardens talk with KGNU Listeners inherit closed open 113-revision-6 2009-08-18 16:32:15 2009-08-18 21:32:15