Hot Lunch vs Sack Lunch

Three years ago, Boulder Valley Schools hired the world renowned “Renegade Lunch Lady” Chef Ann Cooper, to make school lunches among the healthiest in the nation.  They even surpass the new USDA guidelines.  They’re free of additives and made from scratch by acclaimed local chefs who want kids to really like  healthy food.  More students do choose the hot lunches now than they did three years ago, when school food was full of sugar and additives and other junk.  But 60% of students still prefer packed lunches, and some of those packed lunches hold a lot of junk.  How do students think we can make healthy food be  more popular?

 Chef Ann Cooper – Renegade Lunch Lady has salad bars in every Boulder Valley School, and many students like them.  As for why she cares about healthy food, Chef Ann says — “How can we feed kids junk food?  That really needs to change.”  LISTEN
Who Wants Hot Lunch?  Casey Middle School students prefer packed lunch (example on left).  They say, “Maybe kids would like the hot lunches better if we made them a little more unhealthy”.   LISTEN (10 minutes)
Cooking Class  Centennial Middle School students join Scott Griffith’s cooking class to make everything from rice crispy treats to fritattas (left) – a fluffy egg dish loaded with vegetables.  Does learning how to cook help students eat healthier?  –  LISTEN
 What’s in Sack Lunch?  70% of Boulder Valley students pack their own lunch.  They say these  taste better, and they’re healthier, than hot lunch.  So, what’s in a sack lunch (example at left)?  LISTEN
Call-in Show with Chef Ann Cooper, Parents, middle school students, and Centennial Cooking Class Instructor Scott Griffith talking about sack lunches and the new hot lunches made from scratch (a popular hot lunch-nachoes-at left).  – LISTEN (1 hour)