The Heart Attack Chronicles

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD FULL 55 MINUTE CALL IN SHOW     Listen Part 1:  The Heart Attack (LISTEN (30 MINUTES) He had just dropped his his daughter at school when he realized he was having a heart attack . . .  Our anonymous heart attack survivor, and Paramedic Chantel Benish tell what a 911 response is like. … Read more

Resiliency – Grillo Health Information Panel

Introduction Listen to Full Introduction (15 minutes)   Arielle Schwartz – Moving from Loss into Love Listen to complete presentation (20 minutes) 2013 Grillo Resiliency Arielle Schwartz from shelley schlender on Vimeo. Tom McSheehy – Raising Resilient Children Listen to complete presentation (20 minutes) 2013 Grillo Resiliency Tom McSheehy from shelley schlender on Vimeo. Heather Fliege – Partnering with … Read more

Hot Lunch vs Sack Lunch

Three years ago, Boulder Valley Schools hired the world renowned “Renegade Lunch Lady” Chef Ann Cooper, to make school lunches among the healthiest in the nation.  They even surpass the new USDA guidelines.  They’re free of additives and made from scratch by acclaimed local chefs who want kids to really like  healthy food.  More students do choose the hot lunches now than they did three years ago, when school food was full of sugar and additives and other junk.  But 60% of students still prefer packed lunches, and some of those packed lunches hold a lot of junk.  How do students think we can make healthy food be  more popular?

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Healthy Food For Thanksgiving

Can kids like healthy foods for Thanksgiving? Click these links to hear a 2-minute answer with a special song, from Ashley 5th graders Melody, Ronald, Ruth, Edgar, Anna, Omar, Thomas:.  Here are their healthy ideas.  Ashley student reporters learned their friends’ favorite vegetable  . . . and what they DON’T like . . . The 5th grades say that … Read more

The Rise of Asthma and Autoimmune Disease

This program broadcast on KGNU’s science show.  To hear the interview, LISTEN to the show. We look at the strange rise in autoimmune diseases, allergies and asthma, with experts from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and with National Jewish Health Immunlogist Andy Liu in Denver. And, we explore whether genetically modified crops might … Read more

Singing the Praises of School Breakfast

LISTEN (3 Minutes) One year, Colorado considered cutting funds for the school breakfast program.  At the last minute, the funding was allowed to say.  Students at Ashley Elementary made up songs, and created this story, that broadcast on KGNU, to explain why they are glad that this program continued.  For them, free and reduced breakfast … Read more