Laughter and the Mind

Grillo Health Information – Introduction by Johnny Daurio (LISTEN) Overview of Presentations – Dr. Rohini Kanniganti (LISTEN) Joel Warner, Author – The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny. (LISTEN)      Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW – Barry is a psychotherapist in private practice and a critical incident response consultant. His expertise focuses on … Read more

The Laughter Prescription

Laughter: The Best Prescription   Part I: Laughter and the Body Presented by Grillo Health Information Rohini Kanniganti, MD (Listen – 10 Minutes) Nancy Norton, RN – standup comedian and inspirational speaker.   (Listen – 30 Minutes)                 CU Humor Researcher Peter McGraw.  (LISTEN – 20 Minutes)  Plus a lineup of … Read more

Aging: A Hero’s Journey

  These recordings are part of the Grillo Health Information presentation at the Boulder Public Library  – Aging – A Hero’s Journey, in December 2013.  Shelley Schlender recorded these on behalf of  Grillo and KGNU Boulder Denver. Let’s begin with a conversation between Dr. Rohini Kanniganti, a physician at Rocky Mountain Senior Care, and Rabbi … Read more

Dying & Rebirth – Grillo Health Information Stahl Lecture

This Panel Discussion is thanks to the Stahl Lecture Series of the Grillo Center.  It happened in April 2013, and it addressed the cycle of life, and how to find meaning, through contraction and expansion, in your everyday life.  It featured medical, psychological, and spiritual innovators.  They invited attendees to explore the Mystery of Death and Rebirth – Where does … Read more

Resiliency – Grillo Health Information Panel

Introduction Listen to Full Introduction (15 minutes)   Arielle Schwartz – Moving from Loss into Love Listen to complete presentation (20 minutes) 2013 Grillo Resiliency Arielle Schwartz from shelley schlender on Vimeo. Tom McSheehy – Raising Resilient Children Listen to complete presentation (20 minutes) 2013 Grillo Resiliency Tom McSheehy from shelley schlender on Vimeo. Heather Fliege – Partnering with … Read more

Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Health Experts Discuss Insomnia

In this October, 2012, presentation, Boulder’s Grillo Health Information Center shares diverse perspectives on how to gt a good night’s sleep and even have lucid dreams as part of it. This event sold out. If you want the Grillo Health Center to schedule other panels like this, contact them via their Facebook page, or email: … Read more

Diet Debate – Medical Doctors Recommend Diverse Ways to Eat

While US dietary policy promotes a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition, among health experts, the range of what’s considered a healthy diet is broader and more varied.  In August, 2012, Boulder’s Grillo Health Information Center shared some of the diverse perspectives on diets by having a Stahl Lecture Series that focused on diet . . . … Read more