Sleep, Perchance to Dream – Health Experts Discuss Insomnia

Yellow light versus Blue light – From Mark Hickey MD

In this October, 2012, presentation, Boulder’s Grillo Health Information Center shares diverse perspectives on how to gt a good night’s sleep and even have lucid dreams as part of it. This event sold out. If you want the Grillo Health Center to schedule other panels like this, contact them via their Facebook page, or email: When you contact them, please mention what kinds of health topics you’d like to hear about and local experts that you recommend for doing the presentation.  Please note a correction to the information in the videos below.  The correct website for reaching the grillo health center is:

Here are unique medical, spiritual, holistic perspectives on Sleep, America’s #1 night-time malady.

Audio for Introduction Listen/Download (7 minutes)

Audio for Mark Hickey, MD  – Listen/Download (15 minutes)

Audio for Rohini Kanniganti, MD – Listen/Download (14 minutes)

Audio for Andrew Holacek Listen/Download (15 Minutes)

Audio for Richard Shane – Listen/Download (17 minutes)

QUESTION & ANSWER SESSION – Listen/Download (30 minutes)