Laughter and the Mind

Joel Warner - The Humor Code - courtesy Anthony Camera
Joel Warner – The Humor Code – courtesy Anthony Camera

Grillo Health Information – Introduction by Johnny Daurio (LISTEN)

Overview of Presentations – Dr. Rohini Kanniganti (LISTEN)

Joel Warner, Author – The Humor Code: A Global Search for What Makes Things Funny. (LISTEN



Barry Erdman, Licensed Social Worker

Barry Erdman, LCSW, DCSW – Barry is a psychotherapist in private practice and a critical incident response consultant. His expertise focuses on the whole person, teaching practical strategic solutions (conventional and alternative) for resolving difficult life challenges.  See Barry’s Humor Website  (LISTEN

Laughter Therapy – Annette Goodheart  In this short film clip featuring psychologist Annette Goodheart, author of “Laughter Therapy”, sharing the Tee Hee solution to feeling stuck.

Rohini Kanniganti, MD
Rohini Kanniganti, MD

Rohini Kanniganti, MD
Rohini is a family physician and is the creative energy behind this exciting series. She loves connecting with the audience in her downhome style. For this second part in a three-part series on Laughter, she will play with contagious laughter. (LISTEN)


Learn about the power of laughter to promote healing after trauma

  • If laughter is so great, why isn’t everyone laughing all the time?
  • Laughter may be a key factor in ensuring post-traumatic growth, increasing physical, mental, emotional and social resilience.
  • What is the role of media and humor in crises?
  • How can we magnify conscious laughter as a mindful response to stress?
  • We offer permission to laugh at things that are painful.