The Heart Attack Chronicles




Produced by Shelley Schlender for KGNU
AmbulancePart 1:  The Heart Attack (LISTEN (30 MINUTES) He had just dropped his his daughter at school when he realized he was having a heart attack . . .  Our anonymous heart attack survivor, and Paramedic Chantel Benish tell what a 911 response is like.  We’ll also hear from experts about hotly debated risk factors for heart disease, including cholesterol tests.  Our experts include Front Range Preventative Imaging’s Medical Director, Dr. Bill Blanchet, Former American Heart Association President Dr. Robert Eckel, and expert on diseases of aging, Dr. Ron Rosedale.  For our music, thanks to David Harris and Sheldon Sands.This Program Broadcast on KGNU, Monday, February 11th, 3 PM
 Judy Roderick_Part 2:  Due to Complications of . . . . (LISTEN 30  MINUTES) Boulder Musician Dexter Payne shares the story of his longtime companion, Blues Singer Judy Roderick, who died of heart failure, at the age of 50,  due to complications of diabetes.  We’ll hear about the complications of an autoimmune disease, called “Type 1” and the more common Type II diabetes, which is linked to being overweight.  We’ll hear from Dr. Bill Blanchet and Dr. Jeff Gerber about tests for early detection of diabetes, plus some unconventional ways to reverse the condition through diet.  We also offer extended versions of the conversations with Boulder Social Worker Barry Erdman and Health Scientist Ron Krauss.   This Program broadcast on KGNU, Tuesday, February 12th, 3 PM

micah_true_2188662c Part 3: Running to Live . . . Running to Death. (LISTEN 30 MINUTES)  We discuss heart benefits of exercise and limitations, including for young athletes, and whether running hundreds of miles helped or hurt the heart of the  Micah True (immortalized in the bestselling book, Born to Run).   Naturopathic Physician Steve Parcell shares his personal experience with an unusual heart attack risk, plus tests such as the EKG and calcium heart scan.  This Program broadcast on KGNU, Monday, Feburary 18th, 3 PM
Broken_heartPart 4:  Mending Broken Hearts.  LISTEN 30 MINUTES  We visit Boulder’s Front Range Preventative Imaging with KGNU Station Manager Sam Fuqua, as he does a calcium heart scan and learns the results.  We talk with people in the community about how heart health responds to stress and to relaxation, and we discuss the role of stress, and how to reduce it, with Boulder psychiatrist, Will Van der Veer.  For our music, thanks to Fergus StoneDavid Harris and Sheldon Sands  This Program broadcast on KGNU, Tuesday, Feburary 19th, 3 PM

 Part 5:  Call in Show.  LISTEN (55 MINUTES) Join host Shelley Schlender and a panel of health experts, who invited calls about heart health.  Experts include

This LIVE Program broadcast on KGNU, Thursday, February 21st, 8:35 AM