Student Reporters Awarded Eat Your Radio CDs, DVDs and Wristbands


photo courtesy Max Young


This year KGNU provided all 45 5th graders at Ashley Elementary with a combination DVD/CD that contains the songs and announcements and movies they helped create this year. The 10 student reporters at Swansea received a CD of their work as well.  Eatyourradio decided to provide these CDs and DVDs so that even when families don’t have a computer at home, they can enjoy seeing and hearing what their children accomplished.  While we made great efforts to include as many children in these stories as possible, we decided to increase the likelihood that students will see or hear themselves in these videos, by filming a Holiday Song that included the entire 5th grade class.   After all, music and friendship are a part of healthy living.


The goal of these audio and video CD/DVDs is to thank the students for their contributions and give them a chance to say, “Look, Mom, Look, Dad.  My friends are in this video.”  Or, “I am in this video!  I did that!” and wristbands for student reporters


In addition to audio CDs and Video DVDs, ALL 5th grade students  at both Ashley and Swansea received wristbands, reading: and  We hope these wristbands will remind them of their great work, and also where to “tune in” to see their contributions when they are on line.  Thank you student reporters!