Cynthia Dresses as a Broccoli
Broccoli Ambassadors Cynthia and Nancy at Maxwell Elementary – Cynthia dressed as a broccoli


















LISTEN to the Broccoli Ambassadors

When a special health event’s coming up, such as a super healthy food for lunch, students can add to the excitement by being “ambassadors” who promote the event to other students.  Here are some basic steps to having students be ambassadors.

  1. Find an event that’s coming up about health that students want to promote
  2. Get permission from their teachers to have them practice being ambassadors (that means, being someone who can explain the topic to other people in a way that persuades them to try something new and healthy)
  3. Get permission from the school principal for the students to visit other classes with the information (for instance, see if it’s okay, and when is the best time to do it.  And then see HOW to do it.  One of the best ways is to write up an email notice for the principal to review, and then when it’s okay, have the principal send the notice out to all the teachers, so they can know about it ahead of time.)
  4. Have the students practice a polite way to enter another classroom (for instance, a knock on the door, and then asking, “May I have a few minutes of your time?)  Have them practice the speech that they’ll give and the questions they’ll ask a class, as part of being ambassadors.  Keep their presentation short – about 2 minutes (it will become a bit longer once they’re actually in the class).  And practice several times.  Practicing in the hallway is different from going into a class to be an ambassador!  Practice a lot so that it’s easier to do when you’re actually in a class!
  5. Keep the ambassador group small.  Two people is probably the best, with 1 adult with the ambassadors at the front of the room.  OR 3 – with the 3rd student standing in the back of the classroom and silently encouraging the ambassadors to speak up, look up and smile.