Health Diaries

A health diary or “saga” is about a story a student records over time, such the radio diary, Broccoli Hate/Broccoli Love about two friends who promise to help promote the healthy food broccoli, even though one friend hates broccoli! A health diary works best when adults who have experience with radio/TV reports help the student find the best parts of the story and put it together as a piece for radio, for TV or for the web.  To do this means either taking recording equipment home and doing recordings at home, or making a special time at school to do recordings.  Or, you can have an Eat Your Radio adult help you with the recordings, at home or at school.  The key to a Health Diary or “Saga” is for a student to commit to do the recordings (and for parents to commit), and to have an interesting topic to work on as part of it.