Upcoming Events

Ashley 5th grade students who created this Walk To School Announcement are Roni, Andrea and Emeliano.  You can create announcements about upcoming events.  It might be a Superfood Lunch, or a Walk to School Day.  Before you record about a special event – Plan Ahead!

  1. Write down the key information.
    • WHEN is the event?
    • WHAT is the event?
    • WHERE is the event?
    • HOW can you make the story more fun
      • Make up songs
      • Tell what YOU like about the topic.
      • Other ideas
  2. Choose a small but mighty team.  You want a small team because if there are too many people, it gets distracting and confusing.  And if there are too many people, then more people are likely to get fidgety and noisy, and that doesn’t work for recording sessions.  So keep the group small, and focused, and then it will be fun.  If lots of people want to do this, make a list, and check off who’s recorded and who has not, and tell the students who didn’t get to record that you have them on the list to help with a recording sometime in the future.  So . . . to record, you need.
    • The Director – 1 PERSON – to coach people on the key information
    • The STORY TELLERS 1 – 4 people . . . and MOSTLY have them talk one person at a time (you can always mix the voices together later, but you can’t take out a voice that’s talking at the same time as someone else is.  So remind people that when you’re going to record, QUIET ON THE SET!!!
    • The Recording Engineer – 1 PERSON to record and make sure the sound and any video is working
    • The Photographer – 1 PERSON to take pictures, or maybe 2 people if they’re quiet and organized
    • ONE GROWN-UP CAN BE SEVERAL THINGS:  The adult who’s helping can be the director, the recording engineer and the photographer.  Or the grown-up can ask students to be those things, or help with those things.  But ALWAYS, the students are the story-tellers.
    • Choose a Quiet Place for doing the recordings.
  3. When You’re Recording, Do Several “Takes”
      • Try to get it good each time, but remember that you can “patch things together” with your editing programs, so it’ll be okay.

Use your computer editing programs to take the best parts then mix it all together.  Then share it where you want and celebrate! (on morning announcements, in the classroom of the students who made it, on CDs to take home, on the web)