Videos let people SEE a story, and they’re the medium that kids like the best.  For instance, healthy food is easier if it’s fun to see other people doing it, and it’s easy to learn how to make the food yourself.  It can also be fun to get the word out about  “Dear Dr. Carrot.” or what it’s like to Jump Rope in the Gym.  And modern video editing software makes this easier to do.  Here are some basic steps:

  1.  Plan for something short – Maybe 1 – 3 minutes
  2. Write down the key information and be sure to cue the student:
    1. What is the topic?  What’s its name?
    2. If it’s a recipe, what are the ingredients?
    3. If it’s an announcement, WHAT DAY is the event?  WHERE is it?  WHEN?
    4. Find action shots to mix in later and make it fun.