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Swansea students decided to look at the issue of junk food.  For this story, they interviewed their teachers and worked on the script together.

Sometimes, doing EatYourRadio works best with a group of 4 – 8 students who always get together at a regular time, for several weeks, to work on radio projects.  That’s how this story about Junk Food was created at Swansea Elementary.  The teachers picked students to do the radio project, and they chose a regular time, once a week, during “specials” where these students could always leave the class and go with their EatYourRadio teacher to a quiet place where they could work on doing radio stories.

Having a regular time, when a small group of students can go out of the classroom to another place to do their projects, can work very well.  You can arrange to do  it with the same group of students each time, or you can rotate who is in the group.  If you’re rotating, you can pick one or two students from previous sessions to help you in being mentors for the new students.  If there’s a more extensive project that needs to be done, you can stick with the same group for a few weeks, and then switch to another group later.  Talk with the teachers and the students to see what works for all of you.

Library, Computer Class, Art Class, Music Class, Reading Class, ESL Class, If a special class has a teacher who you like, and who would to help you with EatYourRadio, ask if that teacher can have a special time for a project.  Or ask if they can help students do part of the project.  For instance, library and computer teachers can help you post surveys to the school computers.  Music teachers can help you create songs.  Reading classes can help you write and read scripts.  Use your imagination to find a great way to do EatYourRadio