In-class “broadcasts”


Your whole class can get more out of the Eat Your Radio projects if you set aside some special times where you can all listen or watch your Eat Your Radio shows together.  You can make it even more special is you ask them for questions or comments.  The class can listen for things like:

  1. What did you like about this story?
  2. What’s one thing that you remember the most?
  3. What would you change about this story?
  4. What did you learn?
  5. Do you have ideas for other stories?

Listen Live!  If the story by you, or someone in your school, will broadcast on the radio, find out when, and you can listen to it live, in your class!  See if your teachers would like a discussion about the story after it broadcasts.  To hear the live broadcasts, here’s what you need to know:  KGNU broadcasts at 88.5 FM, 1390 AM, and you can also listen to the live broadcast on line at  To find out when your show will broadcast, call KGNU at 303-449-4885, or contact the KGNU News Department via email.

Listen to a Call-in Show  If you learn that KGNU will do a call-in show about something you’re interested in, then ask KGNU when the call-in show will broadcast, and be ready to call in with your questions or comments.  To have your whole class be part of a call-in show:

  1. Find out what day and when the call-in show will happen
  2. Bring a radio with a strong volume level into your classroom.
  3. For students who want to call in with questions, set up a phone OUTSIDE the room (the sound gets a strange sounding radio feedback if you set up the phone in the same room where you’re listening to the call-in show.)
  4. From this phone OUTSIDE the room, dial the KGNU Call-in show number (303) 442-4242.
  5. Be polite and professional.  Say something like, “Hello, my name is (YOUR FIRST NAME).  I’m with NAME OF YOUR SCHOOL and I have a question for you.  (SAY YOUR QUESTION)  After your question is answered, say “Thank you,” and  hang up.

Listen Anytime, On Line – If you miss the exact time a show broadcasts on the radio, or if the show is not broadcast but it is posted to, then your class can still share it on your in-class computers.  You can listen to radio shows posted to EatYourRadio.  You can watch Videos there as well.  Or if your class doesn’t have in-class computers, you can share your stories on a CD or DVD and a big-screen TV or a portable CD player.