On a CD or DVD

This video shows Ashley 5th graders receiving EatYourRadio DVDs and CDs

Some students have no computers at home, or they have no internet at home.  So they need a different way to bring home EatYourRadio stories.  Some students have family members in other places who don’t have computers.  For these students, it can be a great gift to provide CDs or DVDs of some of the projects the students have helped to make, or their friends in class have made.

That’s why EatYourRadio created an end-of-year CD and/or DVD for all the 5th graders who were part of these healthy food journalism projects.  With these CDs/DVDs, the students got to take home the work they had done this year and share their success with their parents.  Here are steps for making a CD or DVD:

  1. Throughout the year, try to find a way to get each child in the class you’re working with on the CD or DVD.  You can do this with sound, or photos, or video.  If you can, keep a list of all the students and check their name off with a note for what “story” they were part of.  You might not get ALL the students, but try, and maybe you will!
  2. Gather all the audio CDs and Videos that students have created, and choose them all or if there’s not room, choose the best.
  3. Make a 1-page list of the videos/audios that you can include with the CD/DVD
  4. If you’re not sure all the students in the class are on the CD/Video, then see if you can include a school-wide presentation of the class, such as at a Christmas party gathering, where it’s more likely that all the student voices, and many of their faces, will be part of it.
  5. You can burn the CDs yourself and put them into CD/DVD slips, OR you can ask a professional group to create the CDs/DVDs with professional labels and packaging.  One group we like to use for making these professional CD/DVDs is Tapes Again in Boulder, Colorado.  Kinkos and Office Max also have DC/DVD duplication services, and you can check around for others, too.