On the Internet

More and more, people, including students in schools, use the web as the way to share their stories.  Here are some ways to share your stories on the web:

School websiteSome schools have webmasters who can help you post EatYourRadio stories right on the school website!  Keep in mind, “webmastering” is a new skill for many people.  If you get skilled at it, maybe you can help your school create a website.  We at Eatyourradio have occasionally helped schools with that effort.  Especially when the school uses a wordpress website, which is our favorite.


YouTube  makes it easy to share videos with the whole world!  And that’s not all.  You can post to youtube and then embed your video in your favorite school or personal website.  You can learn how to do it through youtube’s instruction videos.  BE SURE YOU HAVE PERMISSION before you share a video of students on youtube.  Check with your school ahead of time, and ask the principal of your teacher to review the video before you share it, both for content and to be sure there are no students whose parents have asked them NOT to appear in videos.  Some youtube videos are not appropriate for children, and so many schools block youtube videos.  So it’s not always the best way to share videos for a school.

Facebook is another way to share videos.  But keep in mind, Facebook is NOT supposed to be used by children younger than 13.  Because so many Eat Your Radio reporters are younger than 13, Eat Your Radio does not link to Facebook.

Schooltube  This is a great way to share school-approved videos with the world.  Schooltube is like youtube, but it has more safeguards in place, to be sure that any video that’s posted in connection with a school has been approved by that school.  To use schooltube, you need someone at your school who is officially assigned to approve any video that’s uploaded to the schooltube site.  And, you need to learn the steps about how to set up a schooltube account.  But once you do, you can upload high-quality videos and share them through this program.  You can even use special EMBED codes to display the finished video on another website.

EatYourRadioIf you are a Colorado School and you want to create stories for the Eat Your Radio project, contact us through eatyourradio.org, or through news@kgnu.org.  KGNU loves to work with people in the community who are working to share stories about kids and health.  We can explore with you how to get both the funding and the skills to help you share your stories through Eat Your Radio.  Please keep in mind, while we love to help everyone, KGNU does not have infinite resource, and also, we must stick to high standards for what we share publicly.  So, KGNU maintains editorial decision making rights about which projects we do, and also, KGNU maintains of anything that broadcasts on KGNU and anything that gets posted to the Eat Your Radio Website.