On the Radio

Student at KGNU Studios



LISTEN to Radio Stories from Eat Your Radio

KGNU Boulder/Denver is committed to sharing top-quality stories from students on the radio at 88.5 FM/1390 AM and on the web at KGNU.org.  Naturally, we can’t share every story.  But if you think you have a story worth sharing, contact KGNU.org or call the news department at 303-449-4885.  We’ll see how we can partner up and help you share  your story.

On Other Radio Stations   If you know of a special radio station that your school community listens to a lot, then contact them, and see whether they’d be interested in sharing some of your stories as part of their public service efforts.   Note that some stories that we do for EatYourRadio are in non-English languages, such as Spanish. And we can also have students do translations of stories to fit other languages.   If that’s of interest to your favorite radio station, contact KGNU, and let’s see what we can do.