James Hill Talks about the Science Challenge of Obesity

Here is a science presentation by James Hill at the 2012 GoldLab Symposium at CU-Boulder about the “challenge of healthy living.”  You need to use a computer that allows youtube videos in order to see this.  It’s a one-hour long presentation, and it was presented to scientists and other adults.

Here is a shorter, follow-up interview with James Hill.


Editor’s note:  This is a recent (May 2012) conversation with James Hill about the scientific challenge of obesity in the United States and other modern countries.  In this conversation, he talks about how obesity and diabetes are related, and why many people successfully lose weight, but then have trouble maintaining that weight, and how there may be individual differences between people.  That is, to stay at a healthy weight, some people may benefit a lot from exercise, and some people may need a diet that’s not the same as the way that other people eat.