Nasty Lunch – by Gabe at Ashley Elementary

This is a commentary from Gabe T, a student at Ashley Elementary:

From a distance I heard kids saying things like, “This stuff is nasty!” “My food is not cooked all the way!” “My food is cooked so hard I could….” “Rrrrrr!” Most kids complain that school lunch is nasty. Do you agree? In a school that I attended in Greeley, all the kids agreed the school lunch is nasty. The worst part of lunch was the leftovers! The leftovers are the grossest thing, especially when you get them cold. You can taste that it is old. They smell like old fish. There’s always a green lump. I think that Ashley lunch is better than my old school. Even if it is leftovers, it tastes good. Some teachers agree with the kids, but other teachers say the lunch is good. If it is so good, why do they bring their lunch? Most kids throw their school lunch away. A few years ago, I took a survey of all my friends and got 100% that voted they don’t like school lunch. This is why I wrote about this topic. What would your vote be about school lunch? To improve the lunch they could get fast food every other week.