After School Snacks


LISTEN (5 minutes)

This fall, KGNU is visiting with students at Ashley Elementary School in Denver.  It’s part of a larger, community health project. We want to know WHAT young people are eating– and if they are making healthy choices.   We gave a small group of 5th graders radio recorders– and they went out and asked their classmates WHAT they eat after school… and WHY.Here’s what the students found out. The story is narrated by fifth grader Diana (pronounced Dee-ahhh-nah) Salgado:

Hi, I’m Diana. I am a student here at Ashley Elementary School.  I’m part of a group of students from the 5th grade that is investigating what kids eat after school.  We interviewed students at our school during recess time. We asked them what they eat when they get home from school.  Only a few of the students said they ate a healthy snack.:

VOXPOP 1: “I eat fruits and vegetables-and the fruits I eat are like apples, oranges, bananas, peaches”  I eat like some apples, kiwi, some watermelon… I love healthy food like fruit cuz its good for me….”

But most of our classmates told us that, when school lets out, they go home and eat junk food. Here are their answers:

VOX POP 2:   “Hamburgers! pizza because it’s good….

I eat chicken nuggets…I eat chips like hot cheetos and I eat cookies…

These students told us that they know that eating junk food is not healthy.  So why are they doing it?  One student, named James, explained it to us. He says junk food is quick an easy to eat:

My name is James and I am ten

Diana: What do you eat afterschool

James: hot cheetos

Diana: Do you think they are healthy

James: No, there is nothing nutritious in them for my body.

Diana: Why do you eat hot cheetos if they are not healthy?

James: Because, a lot of times I am out skateboarding…. and instead of making a sandwich, because its takes too long, I’d rather take something quick...”

But here’s the thing. There are also quick and easy-to-make HEALTHY snacks.  I asked students in my class to suggest a few recipes. Here are a few snacks that they recommend:

HEALTHY SNACK 1: My name is Jose and I am going to show you how to eat a healthy snack. it’s called a tortilla wrap. first you take a tortilla then you put two slices of cheese then some turkey and then you roll it up… and Voila!”

HEALTHY SNACK 2: Hi my name is Lupe and my healthy snack is apples and peanut butter. First you get a jar of peanut butter and open it up. Then you get your apples slices and dip it in!”

But sometimes we can forget to eat healthy snacks. So, here is a song that will help remind us ALL to eat healthy.   It’s called “Did you Feed My Stomach?” and it goes like this….

SONG: “did you feed my stomach?

yes mam!

what did you feed it?

carrots and celery!

what did you feed it?

carrots and celery!”…FADE OUT….