The Rise of Asthma and Autoimmune Disease

This program broadcast on KGNU’s science show.  To hear the interview, LISTEN to the show. We look at the strange rise in autoimmune diseases, allergies and asthma, with experts from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and with National Jewish Health Immunlogist Andy Liu in Denver. And, we explore whether genetically modified crops might … Read more

Super Salad Contest – Entry form at Ashley

  Editor’s Note:  This video shows students sampling the popular, student-invented salads that were featured at Ashley’s International Day.  On this day, a big green mailbox was next to the salad bar, along with “voting” forms, and students voted on their favorite salad of the six finalists there at the salad bar.  The top fruit … Read more

Singing the Praises of School Breakfast

LISTEN (3 Minutes) One year, Colorado considered cutting funds for the school breakfast program.  At the last minute, the funding was allowed to say.  Students at Ashley Elementary made up songs, and created this story, that broadcast on KGNU, to explain why they are glad that this program continued.  For them, free and reduced breakfast … Read more

Letters to Dr. Carrot – Decorative Writing Paper

  Ashley Elementary Students created beautifully decorated writing paper, and the decorations show their own ideas for the great and mysterious Dr. Carrot.  Ashley students created many varieties of decorated writing paper, with plenty of space in the middle for writing your own message.  So, you can choose the one you like and print it … Read more