Healthy Food For Thanksgiving

Can kids like healthy foods for Thanksgiving? Click these links to hear a 2-minute answer with a special song, from Ashley 5th graders Melody, Ronald, Ruth, Edgar, Anna, Omar, Thomas:.  Here are their healthy ideas.  Ashley student reporters learned their friends’ favorite vegetable  . . . and what they DON’T like . . . The 5th grades say that … Read more

The Rise of Asthma and Autoimmune Disease

This program broadcast on KGNU’s science show.  To hear the interview, LISTEN to the show. We look at the strange rise in autoimmune diseases, allergies and asthma, with experts from the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center and with National Jewish Health Immunlogist Andy Liu in Denver. And, we explore whether genetically modified crops might … Read more

Singing the Praises of School Breakfast

LISTEN (3 Minutes) One year, Colorado considered cutting funds for the school breakfast program.  At the last minute, the funding was allowed to say.  Students at Ashley Elementary made up songs, and created this story, that broadcast on KGNU, to explain why they are glad that this program continued.  For them, free and reduced breakfast … Read more

Call-in show – Colorado nutrition policy for children

LISTEN (1 Hour) KGNU Station Manager Sam Fuqua talks with three experts on Colorado’s Nutrition Policy for children. Katherine Moos, Child Nutrition Program Manager for Hunger Free Colorado, Anne Bennett, MPH, RD Director of Nutrition Services WIC Services – Women, Infants and Children Tri-County Health Department, Cody Belzley Vice President of Public Affairs, Colorado Children s Campaign

Call-In show -Taking food lessons home to the kitchen table

LISTEN (1 Hour) KGNU Station Manager Sam Fuqua talks about how to eat healthy, with Ashley Elementary Principal Ken Hulslander and Integrated Nutrition Education Outreach Coordinator Catia Chavez.  Catia Chavez explains the outreach programs provided to children (ideally in 1-hour lessons once a week for roughly 8 weeks per semester), and outreach programs for parents, such … Read more

Call-in Show – Superfoods

  How can parents and families help vegetables be healthy and fun? Here is a written transcript of a call-in show, for ideas from Denver Public Schools Superfoods Director Anne Wilson, and from KGNU fans who include 2nd grader Cassidy, Oakleigh Thorne from Thorne Ecological Institute and many more. Show hosted by Shelley Schlender.   … Read more

The Unicycle Story

One of the most whimsical “vehicles” in the world is the unicycle.  It’s also one of the most challenging ways to get around.  But at the appropriately named grade school, “Uni” Hill, a circus club teaches children to ride the uni-cycle.  Casey Middle School 7th grade Sophia is a graduate of the Uni Hill Circus Club.  Here’s her report.

Listen (6 Minutes)

Thanks to Casey Journalism teacher Lee Lazar for her collaboration on this project.  This program was made possible in part through a grant from the City of Boulder Youth Opportunities Board.  This program broadcast on KGNU on Friday, May 27th, 2011.

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Why Calories Count//The Goldlab Symposium

This show broadcast on the KGNU Science Show.  To hear the interviews, LISTEN to this show. SUMMARY:  Why Calories Count (start time 7:10). More than a billion people in the world suffer from too few of them. About the same number suffer from too many. We’re talking about calories. They’re vital to human health, indeed our … Read more